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welcome to csi immanuel cathedral

The CSI Immanuel Cathedral, Ernakulam (formerly known as CSI Immanuel Church under the Diocese of North Kerala of the Church of South India ) was dedicated more than 110 years ago. The site, originally comprising 56 cents, was bought in 1905 by Rev. J.H. Bishop and the original church was built largely through his efforts, in memory of Rev. E.B. Russel who was a missionary of the Church of England in 


Dear friends in Christ,
Warm greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who has resurrected from the dead for our redemption and for our justification.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the core of the Christian Gospel. St. Paul says that if Christ is not raised from the dead, then our preaching and hope are in vain. Certainly, without resurrection, there would be no Christian preaching or faith. (1st Corinth: 15:14) The apostles of Jesus would have continued as a disheartened group which the gospel of John depicts as being in hiding for fear of the Jews. They were in total despair until they met the risen Christ. (St. John 20:19) They touched Jesus’ wounds of Nails and Spear; they ate and drank with Him. The resurrection of Christ became the foundation of everything they said and did. The disciple, who had confrontation with the resurrected Christ, was sent to the world to preach the gospel of hope, to help those who were in desperation and distress and to give life to the Lifeless.

Once again we are about to celebrate Easter. After all, what is the message of Easter? To me Easter message is the message of hope to those who are in hopelessness. It gives the message that it is not the end; still there are possibilities to those who are in distress, thinking that here everything is going to end.  Our hope is not in an ideology or philosophy; rather it is in a personal relationship with our Lord who went through pain, trials and sufferings. He finally went to a place where no one would willingly go and resurrected from a place, where no one else ever had a ‘GRAVE’. He, who rolled away the stone that sealed the entrance of the Tomb, can also remove the stones of pain,anguish, stress, fear, desperation and anxiety.

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