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The CSI Immanuel Cathedral, Ernakulam (formerly known as CSI Immanuel Church under the Diocese of North Kerala of the Church of South India ) was dedicated more than 110 years ago. The site, originally comprising 56 cents, was bought in 1905 by Rev. J.H. Bishop and the original church was built largely through his efforts, in memory of Rev. E.B. Russel who was a missionary of the Church of England in 


Dear friends,

Warm Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!!!!

 Seventh month of the year, JULY was named after the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. The month of July is also known as ‘Social welfare month’. Social welfare means nurturing yourself and your relationships. The cradle of every relationship is Family. Coincidentally, it is in July that we usually celebrate our Family Sunday.  This year it falls on 25th of July, 2021, therefore this month I would like to share with you, a few thoughts about ‘CHRISTIAN FAMILY’. Down through the centuries, Christians had given much importance to ‘Family Relations’. Though family is the primary unit in any society, we regard Family not only as a social unit but also as a sacred entity. There are three or four reasons for that: First of all we believe that the founder and the author of Family is God Himself (Ps: 127:1). Secondly, when God decides to reveal Himself to the world, God chooses a Human Family for His incarnation (Mt: 1:18-21). Thirdly, when Jesus teaches the Characteristics of God and the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, He uses examples from family relations. (For ex: Loving Father, Bride, Bride Groom, Prodigal Son, Envious Brother Etc.) Finally, Jesus loved Families and Family relationships, that’s why Jesus did most of His important ministries and His major miracles in the background of Family life. (First miracle in a marriage House at Cana, and the House at Bethany) All these show the importance of Family and Family relations in Christian faith. Inevitably, any threat to the stability of family and family relations appears to be more dangerous than anything else. For us ‘FAMILY and FAMILY RELATIONS’ are religious and Faith concerns, because family and religion are historically and spiritually interwoven with Christian faith and its practice. Today we know that even in the very strong Christian communities, ‘religious sanctions and affinities’ are apparently weaker than ever before. We must understand that ‘decay of religious beliefs’ will certainly cause the ‘break-up of the family ties’, naturally it will shake the foundations of our society. The only way to restore our family bonds healthier and livelier is to ‘Return to the firm religious faith’.

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CSI Immanuel Cathedral, Ernakulam
handing over ceremony of Dialysis unit machine.

During this pandemic time, we are bound to do certain duties and responsibilities to our fellow human beings suffering from Covid – 19. As part of our social commitment, we, as Cathedral family, were able to handover over a dialysis machine for Covid patients to Government General Hospital, Ernakulam. The same was handed over by Rt.Rev.B.N.Fenn (CSI Cochin Diocese Bishop) to Dr.Sajith John and Dr Shab of General Hospital, Ernakulam. Our Vicar Rev.John Joseph, Asst.Vicar  Rev.Aneesh Mathew, Cathedral Secretary M J Varkey, Treasurer V T Ninan, Church Committee and Diocesan Council members were also present for this function.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to those who wholeheartedly took part in this joint venture.